Chris Pedersen

Board Member/Social Media Development

Chris has been a law enforcement officer for over 10 years beginning his career in Northern Michigan and is now based in Southeastern Michigan. Chris has held various assignments ranging from field evidence technician to departmental instructor. Chris earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Bluffton University. Chris has experienced his own law enforcement related trauma and recognizes the far reaching impact it has on our first responders. Chris has committed himself to not only mentoring young officers but recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma related incidents.

Chris has experience as a mental health advocate providing therapeutic interventions to those with mental health and substance abuse concerns. Additionally, Chris has an extensive non-profit volunteer history which includes but is not limited to working as a youth mentor and football coach and with refugee children in Tijuana, Mexico. Chris is dedicated to serving his community and is often found volunteering his time to raise money and awareness for children and adults with disabilities. Chris can be described by his peers as a trusted and respected professional that will support them through difficult situations and will provide necessary resources when needed.

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